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Declaration on Canceling Orders

1. Unpaid Order

Order payment is valid for 24 hours. The platform will automatically close if the order is not paid over time. There is no need to cancel manually.

2. Paid Order

2.1 Paid  - Unshiped
After the order is paid successfully, you may apply for a refund when the refund button appears in the order. Our customer service group will try to refund you after clicking, but there is no guarantee that the refund application will be approved. If there is no refund button, please contact online customer service to confirm the order status.

2.2 Paid - Preparing for Shipment
After the order has been successfully paid, it will enter the preparation stage within 12 hours if normal. Due to the operation process of warehouses in different regions and time zone, we need to confirm with the logistics service provider whether the operation can be canceled!

2.3 Paid - Shipped
Order cannot be canceled if the parcel has been dispatched. If you don't want the parcel anymore, please contact our customer service group. The most common methods are:

① Before the package arrives, contact the logistics provider, and refuse to accept the parcel
②The package just arrived, please refuse to sign the package and request to return it
③The package has been received, please do not unpack it, contact our customer service group for a return label. Please note that you may be responsible for two-way shipping;
[Please be aware that not all regions currently support prepaid labels! 】
④The package has been received, you have unpacked it, and you don't want it. Since the unpacked products are not validated for sale again, you need to communicate with us about the return plan.

We will try our best to provide you with the best and faster solution!

3. Refunding on Canceled Order

3.1 Unshipped Order
After the order has been successfully canceled, the refund will be sent within 1-3 working days which varies for different countries and regions!

3.2 Shipped Order
We will make a full or partial refund after receiving the returned package according to the return time of the package and the reason for the cancellation.