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Lot de filaments PLA noir/blanc Creality Ender Series 10 kg

Only €13.59 per kg of filament

134,99 EUR 170,00 EUR Bundle Promotion
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  • Czech Republic
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  • Black*5+White*5
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Filament d'imprimante 3D couleur blanc/noir 1,75 mm PLA

Descriptif :
(1) haute résistance, bonne ténacité;
(2) La densité est faible, lors de l'impression d'un modèle de plus grand volume plus léger, économisez de l'argent;
(3) rentable peut être traité dans une large gamme de températures;
(4) diamètre de 1,75 mm, variations +/- 0,02 mm, rondeur +/- 0,05 mm ;
(5) 1 kg/emballage de bobine en plastique ;
(6) À appliquer à une variété d'imprimantes 3D, Makerbot, UP plus, Mendel, Prusa, séries, etc.
(7) pas de bulle
(8) Couleurs: Blanc + Noir
Blanc & Noir (Pack DE 5)/ Blanc*10/ Noir*10. (Option)

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This is a very good deal, the material is very durable, the printing goes very smoothly, I am absolutely satisfied with this purchase
Duy Le
There is a lot to love about this filament. It is as strong as any other PLA and prints well with almost no stringing and no warping at all on a cold bed. It cools hard and the layers are well bonded. But, as some have mentioned, there are points in the filament that burn for no reason other than some kind of impurity or defect in the filament. This leaves black marks at random intervals but is rare. On a 4 hour print I kept an eye on by layer, there were three spots on different middle layers. None of them were on outer layers and so cannot be seen in the final print, but presumably that will happen at some point. If you don't mind this, then the filament is great for the price.
Lässt sich genauso gut drucken wie alle anderen PLA von Creality bis jetzt. Ich bin zufrieden. Drucktemps nozzle 215 Grad erste Schicht 210 alle weiteren Bett 65 grad erste Schicht, 60 alle anderen Das einzige was mich bei Creality ein wenig stört ist die wicklung die nicht besonders gleichmäßig ist. Aber letztlich ist das nicht so tragisch, solange die Bahnen nicht über kreuzt sind und sich verhaken.
Lot de filaments PLA noir/blanc Creality Ender Series 10 kg
£ 239
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